Amedisys Investing in Innovation and Technology to Improve Quality Healthcare with Tasha Mears


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Senior Vice President of Clinical Informatics at Amedisys Tasha Mears joins the show.

Tasha Mears is responsible for quality infrastructure. Ms. Mears first joined Amedisys in 1998 as a Clinical Director, before ascending the ranks as Regional Administrator, Regional Director of Business Development and Director of Episode Management.

  • Holds two associates degrees and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • Chair of the Quality Working Group for the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation.
  • Serves on the Technical Expert Panel Project: Care Transition Measure Development, a prestigious panel formed to develop measures used to deliver quality care to Medicare beneficiaries.

Tasha Mears discusses and answers the following:

  • How has telehealth revolutionized delivery of health care?
  • How does telehealth enhance quality care for patients?
  • What would be the short-term and long-term benefits of telehealth for the patient, and for the physician/clinical care team?
  • How is Amedisys investing in innovation and technology to improve quality care; describe the programs and technologies that enable your patients to have a true continuum of care experience?
  • In your opinion, what is the future of telehealth?



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