Making Aging-in-Place Easier with Wayne Caswell


Making Aging-in-Place Easier with Wayne Caswell

Wayne Caswell, founder of Modern Health Talk, an online community to connect people with solutions for home healthcare joins the show.

As a technologist, futurist and marketing strategist with IBM, Dell, Siemens and his own consulting firm, Wayne knows the positive effect digital technologies can have on society and the challenges of adopting them. His passions include “Technologies for Home Healthcare and Aging-in-Place” and “Universal Adoption of BIG Broadband.” His vision is “Consumers with Easy access to services and service providers with Equal access to consumers.”

Wayne’s corporate experience, management style and personal outlook began with a 30-year career at IBM, progressing from operations and system engineering to marketing and strategy. He introduced the company to the Home Systems industry, helped develop a Digital Home strategy, and held leadership positions on various industry standards committees. And when he retired from IBM, Wayne founded CAZITech Consulting to help organizations find and exploit opportunities in broadband, wireless and home networking markets.

Wayne’s advocacy began when he served on the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee and successfully lobby the Texas legislature to protect the rights of communities to install municipal networks.

Wayne now serves as president and senior editor of Modern Health Talk, an online community that he founded to connect people with low- and high-tech solutions for home healthcare and to help control our nation’s spiraling healthcare costs.

Wayne holds four degrees including a BS in Technology Management from American University. He lives with his wife of 33 years in Austin and is a member of the Austin Wireless Alliance, CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association), and the World Future Society.

Wayne Caswell discusses and answers the following:

  • What is Modern Health Talk, and what unique perspective do you bring?
  • Aging-in-Place and Universal Design are terms we often hear today, but what do they mean, and who is most interested?
  • Please describe the size of the problem and the market opportunity for solutions.
  • So what technical solutions address the rising healthcare costs and improve quality?
  • Can you mention some other Technologies for home healthcare as an alternative to more institutional care?

Links: mHealthTalk.com

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