Remote Health Monitoring with MedApps & Kent Dicks


Remote Health Monitoring with MedApps & Kent Dicks

Mr. Dicks founded MedApps in 2006 from concept to market leader, setting precedent in the field of mHealth (mobile health) today. Under his leadership the company has become widely acknowledged in the remote health monitoring field by industry and government organizations alike – receiving nominations and awards from prestigious organizations such as the Edison Awards, XPrize Foundation, NASA LAUNCH, World Economic Forum, Dell, BusinessWeek and more.

Through the implementation of Mr. Dicks’ vision, MedApps has become a prominent market developer of a comprehensive suite of remote monitoring device tools. MedApps unique product line is built on a strong regulatory foundation in order to deliver a cloud-based care solution that links patients with their care providers and EHRs/PHRs.

As Founder and CEO of MedApps, Mr. Dicks actively speaks on industry and government panels, discussing mHealth and wireless technology’s impact on healthcare.

MedApps’ innovative remote health monitoring solutions cost-effectively connect patients with their professional care providers and electronic health records, utilizing cellular technology and cloud computing to remotely transmit and report timely accurate health information anywhere.

MedApps’ FDA cleared products integrate with assorted personal health monitors from the industry’s leading manufacturers. The patient-centric MedApps System is improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs in some of the nation’s most cutting-edge healthcare facilities.

Kent Dicks discusses and answers the following:

  • What does MedApps do as a solution provider?
  • How is what MedApps does different from what other solution providers in the field are currently doing?
  • How do you see MedApps’ role  (and eCare as a whole) in the current healthcare crisis?
  • What are your biggest obstacles as a remote health monitoring solution provider?
  • What is the one thing you would say people need to know about MedApps’ brand of remote health monitoring?

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